MasterFlash Corporation continually researches, designs and tests new processes to stay ahead of the always changing cycle of development. This enables us to provide a strong consulting service rooted in cutting edge development.

Pulling from our decade’s worth of development experience we are able to extend a project’s life-cycle and improve workflow from day one. We train developers, development teams and management on how to effectively produce better work flow across many industries.

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Website Design Services

We help you build a website with the power to increase name recognition and awareness for developing new business. If your site design is difficult to maneuver, your customer won’t stick around to figure it out. When we design your project, we develop an entire user experience that is intuitive, effective and engaging.

The power your website has over the success of your business is priceless. It will be the most impressive sales presentation that you will ever have. Never take the easy path only to get your information online. If your site design doesn’t look professional, neither will you. Online, first impressions are everything. You’ve got about 3 seconds to interest. We build to engage and increase your brand image.

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E-Commerce | Shopping Carts

We specialize in building ecommerce systems/shopping cart solutions. With over a decade of experience, we have built and supported many online shopping carts that ranged from 1 product to 10,000 products.

Our team works with you to create a shopping experience customized to the needs of your customers. We work with you to help plan, build, maintain, and improve your online presence throughout the lifecycle of your project.

We've worked with companies of all sizes across the globe to expand their reach and sales. Understanding you, your product and your customers needs, allows us to uncover opportunities to increase efficiency, reach new audiences, and maximize conversions.

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Project Management & Maintenance

Our team is operational 24/7, allowing us to provide different types of support. Our team is built to provide the simplest forms of maintenance to the most difficult levels of support.

Instead of using fixed prices on management or maintenance of your solution, because every project is different, we work with you to create a support package that meets your deliverable needs. When necessary, we are capable of providing full project auditing, T&M Contracts or hourly work. Using a decade plus experience, learning about your project helps us narrow down the best and cost effective support package. Contact our team for getting support, upgrades or project maintenance.

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High Quality Video Training

We provide high quality training videos for individual developers, development teams and managers. Our downloadable video training is geared to a specific set of tasks per your request.

Our videos are set up for ease of use and are available anywhere on the planet. Our videos can be played on and are compatible with any machine or device. We use a mix between Flash and HTML5 as well as making a direct MP4 available.

No matter how difficult the task is, our play, pause, stop and scrubber allow you to begin learning in no time. We cover real life scenarios and reasons on implementation, making it a true learning cycle. Throughout the site, we have video training and demos covering broad categories we use in our daily development. Don't see what you are looking for? We'll create training for you.

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