Drupal 7 for Beginners Tutorial

A note from our team
Drupal 7 Beginner Tutorial - Learn how to build websites under 1 hour. You will learn how to unpack and install Drupal Files, Learn how to make Drupal your home page or install it in directories(folders) deeper in your website. Set up the database, Run the install, correct possible errors that may or may not occur during the installation process. Learn how to create content apart of your website: Pages, Stories, Polls, Forums and Blogs. Learn how to manage that content by working with Menu's and Blocks. You will learn how to install modules and make adjustments to the Theme by using your own content along with working with your page.tpl to make changes site wide. Set up of Drupal Blogs, Forums, Articles, Basic Pages, Tags and other areas

  • $20.00

  • Tutorial Length & Details

    Length: 2 Parts - 2 Hours
    Our videos are set up for ease of use and are available anywhere on the planet. Our videos can be played on and are compatible with any machine or device. We use a mix between Flash and HTML5 as well as making a direct MP4 available.

    Downloads are available immediately after checkout. Find your downloads inside of Your Account.

    Downloads will never expire and are accessible from anywhere.

  • Drupal tutorial requirments

    Build at time of recording: Drupal 7.1
    We will provide the releases and modules in the source files used at time of recording. We strongly suggest using the recent version of Drupal as well as recently released modules.

  • Watch the demo in HD full screen for best results. All of our video training is in High Definition and can be viewed on any type of screen (HD or not).

    No matter how difficult the task is, our play, pause, stop and scrubber allow you to begin learning in no time. We cover real life scenarios and reasons on implementation, making it a true learning cycle.

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